Abroad We Go!

5 weeks and 4 days until we depart for Munich and our wonderful vacation which will include Paris France, the French and Italian Riviera, and Florence Italy, not to mention everything in between as we are renting a convertible and driving the route!
Got several things checked off my to do list recently.
I found us new carry on bags that fit the rules as well as a backpack for my personal item. That was a hard one, because it could not be more than 36 linear inches, and often descriptions were in volume or metrics and I had to convert. But got one by Outdoor products that will be great on the plane as well as for a day pack in Paris and other places.
I also got this, only a zebra print design:
damask-black--white-cosmetic-bag And these only mine are bigger and square and with a lot cooler print:81quzAYW2+L._SL1500_

Okay things left to do:

1. Get healthy (I have a cold right now)
2. Lose a little more weight (come on Plexus Pink Magic!)
3. Get my PTA License renewed.
4. Pack
5. Contain my excitement enough to get 1-4 done!

Later I will post a map of our route, but ear ache and snotty nose says I need to get off of here. I think my temp is going up again as well. Bummer!

So til later….

3 thoughts on “Abroad We Go!

  1. LOL at your comment April! I am trying to figure out how you can change avatar. You may have to be registered. I have to figure all of this stuff out. Right now I am playing with my new sony camera I got (early) for my birthday!

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