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I think I have found a purpose. Hopefully it is a purposeful purpose. I am going to see what I can do about reducing my weight before my trip to Europe in August. Not much time left. I am exploring possibilities like the Warrior diet which seems to fit how my body feels. I force myself to eat breakfast because “they” say you are supposed to. I am often not hungry at breakfast, but then eating it sets off a chain reaction of all day nibbles for me. On weekend I usually DO follow a sort of warrior diet, and I always lose weight on the weekend.

Next thing I am doing is giving Plexus Slim the Pink Drink a serious trial. I took it for 1 week before and I lost weight and felt better. But it was not long enough to see if this truly works. I am an ambassador now for Plexus,(which means I get a discount on products and I can sell them to you) but since I have not proven to myself it works, I will not be pushing it on anyone or encouraging others to try it. If I can present my own testimonial then watch out…game on!

This blog will be a record of my journey. Umm…well as much of a record as my A.D.D. brain can furnish. I may be off chasing squirrels at any given moment. But My ambassador April Miller tells me Plexus has products to deal with A.D.D. as well, so who knows, I may become a genius when I can untangle all the knowledge in my head! :)

Okay Next is figuring how to link my blog to my Plexus Webpage so those interested can go there and read about the products and their ingredients. I’ll be right back, but of course you will never know I was gone as I will simply edit this post. Unless of course you read the current version before I am back. Right.

Something I want to add that I am stealing from the site that in my opinion is very important, Plexus is going to help me build new habits and live a healthier lifestyle. I am not going to take Plexus, sit on my ass, eat junk food and reach my goals. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” Anyone who thinks there is a magic pill to fix all their problems live in a fantasy world.


Alrighty then! My link works! Now to brush up for real on html so I can put in pics or at least make the text PINK by golly!


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  1. I am commenting mostly to see if comment section works, but also to say that in conjunction to the Warrior Diet, the Plexus 96 fits nicely as a breakfast sub. One blogger who does the Warrior Diet does a protein shake in the morning. I ordered the vanilla so I can mix fruit and stuff with it.

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